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As I was reading the thread, I was thinking that you definately have B12 anemia, then I saw your hematoligst diagnosed it. As to whether it is pernicious or not can be determined by a test for the intrinsic factor, indicating that it is PA, which is an autoimmune disease, btw. Did you have the test?

Additionally, I read that having iron deficiency anemia, where one would usually have a low MCV, can mask the ordinarily high MCV one would have in a b12 anemia situation - there is a push pull in terms of MCV size which runs in both directions. For instance, I have very low ferritin and an MCV which is always bottom range, e.g. 80 or 79, below. However, I have a b12 deficiency, though not anemia. If a physician were looking only at MCV, he would never think to look at the serum b12. However, I have learned that if I had a good b12 level, my MCV would be lower, and if I did not have a low ferritin, the b 12 deficiency could manifest as a higher MCV. But since my ferritin is more significant issue than my b12, I hover in the lower MCV range. Hope this does not confuse you.

The reason I ask is if you were being treated with iron previously, did you also have a low serum ferritin indicating depletion/anemia in addition to the low hemoglobin?

One can have both multiple anemias/ deficiencies at the same time. Has the hematologist looked at your serum ferritin?

Now both deficiencies/anemias can be caused by malabsoprtion, in your case by your digestive tract. Of course, there could be something else going, so it is good you are getting further tests following your colitis and with your hematologist. There is a possibility, that your hypothyroid condition can cause anemia ask your hematoligst about the relationship between endocrine disorders and hypo I read (or tried to read) some very complicated articles about the relationship between hypo and reduced production of the hormone Erythropoietin, which in turn reduced the production of red blood cells. (I was reasearching my own hypo condition and low ferritin)

Finally, have you been tested for celiac? It can explain lack of b12 absorption (and ferritin too) and can also play a role in digestive diseases such as colitis and IBS. It is rather common, tho many drs don't routinely test for it. :)

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