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I just found this thread and am wondering about wholegrains now. I too only use brown sugar, brown bread, brown rice as the "white" alternatives are loved by yeast in the gut and that is one thing i had for many years and never want to deal with again!!

I have read other sites on the net where they mention that red wine inhibits iron absorbtion but white wine doesn't. Also that spinach eaten with a high iron meal inhibits iron absorbtion and this shocked me as you are always told to eat your spinach as it's high in iron. Maybe that only worked for Popeye. Anyway, i found a chart of food groups you should eat together and ones you shouldn't eat. This worries me a lot b/c my levels aren't moving upwards the way i believed they would after being on a strong iron supplement and taking extra care of my food and drinks and i worry is it the food combinations i am using, do i lack enough stomach acid is it something else nobody has found yet..... Oh well, guess a lot of us are in the same boat.

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