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I agree with ChristineVA. If your TSH was 5.11, then it is more than likely your are hypothyroid. Usually the range is .5 - 4 or 5. However, the newest guidelines state that 3.0 is a treatable level. As your TSH increases, the more hypo you are indicated. I presume the 5.11 was prior to treatment?

I realise you had a bad time of it with the Levoxyl. I would definately revisit the thyroid issue when you are ready. This time, either try to find a dr who is versed in treatment, or a good endocrinologist. There is a wide spectrum of thyroid illness, and not everyone responds the same to treatment, nor should they have the same treatment.

What you need to do is have your tsh measured again, this time with the [I]free[/I] T4 and free T3, and you could also ask for the thyroid anti bodies tests (two of them) which can show if you have the autoimmune type - Hashimotos.

Right now on the thyroid boards there is a thread talking about senstivitiy to thyroxine supplementation (levoxyl etc). Some have a hard time tolerating it and have to go really slowly. Also, there may be an underlying adrenal fatigue issue exacerbating the sensitivity. Now, when the thyroid is failing, it can vascilate in terms of TSH readings hypo, significant pyo, even hyper periods. also anti bodies can cause this and perhaps this can account for some of what you experienced.

The usual dose is 50 mcg to start. Some start on 25mcg and go up over a period of weeks or months. I don't know what you were started on, but maybe it was too much or too quick.

Also, when I started treatement I felt really revved the first five days, could have mistaken it for anxiety, but let it slide. It happened with each subsequent increase.

These are all the things I can think of to explain what happened to you, given the info you provided.

As you are aware, hypo suffers can have concomitant anemias/deficiencies and adrenal fatigue. So, some of us can have more than one issue at a time.

If the iron and b12 don't seem to solve the problems you are experiencing, I would definately revisit the thyroid. :wave:

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