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I have 4 pages of blood test results, including a full hormone panel. My thyroid was within normal range. The T4 was optimal, TSH was moderate but well within normal range, and T3 was in range but just slightly high. The Levoxyl I was given for this "problem" (?) took about 6 weeks to make me sick to the point of calling 911 and going to the ER. The only 2 things flagged LOW were ferritin. (My carbon dioxide levels were flagged low, too, though I don't know if the 2 are related-- might explain why I often felt faint)
Feeling weak/fainty would scare me, and trigger anxiety attacks. I'm wondering if I stopped feeling weak/fainty, would I panic? I don't think so.

The next time I see the doctor (a different one this time) I will ask about b12 testing.
I was treated for many years for anxiety/panic disorder, to the point of which i really did start to believe i was mentally unbalanced. I hve suffered the most severe kinds of panic attacks, some of which have had me in a&e in the middle of the night as a result of waking up feeling like id stopped breathing, severe chest pains etc.
I was prescribed various ssri's and anti-depressants and was refered to a phsychatrist, i truly believed i had somehow lost the plot.
Nobody ever offered me any type of blood test, until we got a new gp at our practice, who i believe saved my life. I was taken serioulsy for the first time in my life.
Subsequently, i was given a range of blood test. My hb was way below the norm and my ferritin was unmeasureable, basically i had no iron stores what so ever left in my body, i was basically like a car trying to run with out any fuel. I was put on iron infusions with a matter of hours, and my new gp attributed my mental health problems down to the state of my blood.

There are still a lot of "experts" that still believe that low ferritin doesnt cause problems - as a sufferer a beg to differ, i lost my hair, almost my sanity and to this day cannot thank my gp enough for getting to the bottom of my problems.

My levels are still quite low and i am still anxious, but ive learnt to live with it,its hard but im a fighter and i wont be beat.

We really do put our lives in the hands of doctors, some good some bad (ellie's story was quite scary).

My only advice to you all is if your not happy seek a second opinion, we all know our own bodies - keep searching until you find the answers we all rightfully deserve.

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