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I have had anxiety, panic attacks (and later depression) for years. It cleared up to a great extent after I started treatment for hypothyroidism. Unfortunately dim drs overlooked it.

I just have "regular" anxiety, which means it is managable, no more panic attacks. I also have crushing fatigue and mental slooooowness.

As you probalby saw from other posts of mine, I have low ferritin and a b12 problem.

On the ferritin front, as far as anxiety goes, I have seen refs to it, but none of the articles I found on the web are available without subscrbing. However, I did see that there can be behavioural and neuropsychiatric (anxiety etc) manifestations due to iron deficiency.

Of course, it is well-established that b12 deficiency/anemia can cause profound neuropsychiatric symptoms, including psychosis.

I did see a few refs to nutritional deficiencies, including minerals, that related to mental impairment. Finally, iron deficiency/anemia can increase your heart rate and mimic anxiety, or make you feel anxious.

You are working on your ferrtin, so that is a start. Have you tried to get b12 shots again? I would definiately. It is safe and the body excrete the excess. So, it is not like od-ing on a prescription drug or something. But some drs are fussy about the "you are not anemic" line, so no shots.

Also, have you checked your thyroid function? TSH, free T3 and free T4 are all you need. And go early in the morning, rather than afternoon cause your results will not be accurate.

I am working on geting b12 shots, but can't find a responsive provider as yet. Fingers crossed!:dizzy:

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