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Re: Iron level
May 3, 2007
I am new here but wondered if anyone else has an iron level around 19. I just recently had blood work done due to stomache issues and Was told it is low. Today i found out that normal is between 10 and 232 and mine is 19 so technically mine is normal and I think it got this low due to my diet change for reflux. The Dr wants a colonoscopy done to see if any internal bleeding but now that I found out it is normal just in the low end range and I know my diet has not had much iron rich food I am very much against this test for now. I prefer to increase my iron and take supplemental iron pill then ck blood again to see if it has improved. Has anyone else had anything similar to my situation? Thanks for helping as this is driving me crazy so I am trying to research as much as possible.


I had the colonscopy and upper endoscopy done to anemia and, subsequently, low ferritin (iron stores). Mine was at 5. I understand that you don't want the tests done, but it really depends on your age. My GI doc told me that he would not have done it if my iron was low and I was in my 20s and 30s; however, being 43, I was on the "egde" of being more high risk for GI bleeding.

I had the tests and they did find bleeding in my stomach which was a surprise. But the GI doc doesn't think that is causing the low iron. I am also treated for reflux and we suspect that the long-term use of Prilosec, having a period, AND the stomach bleeding may be the the causes.

I know that 19 is in the normal range but it does make you wonder if it will continue to go down. You really don't want to let it go to far as it is very hard to bring up.

It would be unusual for an anti-reflux diet to cause iron deficiency unless you stopped eating all meat.

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