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Hi everyone,
I thought I would write in...
I had my blood taken again (approx 1 month after last test) and it appears that my ferritin has lowered to a 9 (from 11) but my hemoglobin is up to a whopping 140. I am feeling an increase of certain 'symptoms', most notably is this strange feeling in my throat which I have experienced off and on for the past year or so. It's almost like a difficulty swallowing but not feels better if I drink or eat something. (Makes trying to lose weight a little trying.:-) ) It also increases in intensity if I feel 'anxious' which seems to happen a lot lately too.

My previous test had my serum iron and saturation at 47 (11-27) and 98%, so I stopped taking the iron tabs altogether as I was scared of hemochromatosis, and stuck with the floradix (10ml twice daily). Now with this new test, my ferritin has decreased AND my iron is very low at 8, with saturation at 15%. Once again, I need to look at cramming the iron but I took a look at the website of the company which makes the floradix and according to the website, I can take the floradix up to 4 times a day. Actually, it says, "5 to 10 minutes before each meal, and again at bedtime." So, to me, that means four times a day. That's 40mg of ferrous gluconate a day. I've only been doing it for the past two days and I definitely have a way to go but I almost feel like it works as soon as I ingest it with the OJ.

I wonder if it would be harmful to take more? Anybody know? Any thoughts. Do you think we could take the floradix 4 times a day PLUS the spatone?

Oh, I'm just musing but I wonder if the throat thing has anything to do with thyroid? Mine all came back as normal but still at the end of the scale. My TSH was 2.82 (.3-4.70) (new standard seems to be at 3); FT4 was 10.7 (9.1-23.8); FT3 was 4.4.


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