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[QUOTE=ChristineVA;2964408]Sparkles, I think you were the one that told me about the liquid iron?? Not sure. Anyway, I went to a few pharmacies and could not find anything, so I guess that is out. [/QUOTE]

It is an over the counter preparation. You have to ask the pharmacy person if they have any liquid ferrous sulphate, or something similar. Guess they don't want the general public to accidentally take too much iron.

[QUOTE=ChristineVA;2964408]I'm thinking that if there is no improvement, he will send me off to a hematologist. I just don't feel like it, you know?[/QUOTE]

The reason I did research was to satisfy myself that the hematologist I saw ( and paid out of pcoket for) said my ferritin was "fine". He never mentioned that it could be connected to the fatigue I described to him. Instead made me feel crazy and suggested I go see a chronic fatigue dr; also alluded to "depression". Same attitude of all drs regarding my thyroid symptoms. Guess what, drs, it was real after all.

The articles I posted in the other thread on ferrtin etc satisfied me. Esp the ones on fatigue in depleted/deficient persons without anemia. I know I only posted one there, but there are others out there...:)

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