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I was chuckling when I read ChristineVa's 'globus' comment. I felt I had a lump in my throat years ago, that "choking senation" and found the term "globus hystericus" during one of my frenzied medical internet searches. Well, now some ten yrs later after I have been diagnosed as hypothyroid, I see that I was not imagining it, and the sensation was anything but a quaint phrase.

I would seriously pursue the thyroid. I know you are under the magic 3.0 number but, I would have myself tested for the anti thyroid anti bodies, and often if you are diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis of Hashimotos disease, then a good dr may start treatment. I suggest you check out the thyroid board, and read a bit or even ask for advice. I am a relative newcomer, but there are some real pros there to help.

From what I know, the experts there say that optimal free T4 must be mid to upper range. You are close to the low end of the range. Also, you need to see the free T3, which I don't think was measured :cool: Thyroid problems can cause anxiety, I experienced it, as did many others on the board.

With regard to the hemachromatosis, there are two tests. 1) The [U]serum ferritin[/U] must be significantly elevated at 200+ and be accompanied by a fasting [U]transferrin saturation [/U]of 45-50%. The other values do not apply here.

When I started supplementing, I was a bit afraid too, 'cause all you ever hear is about hemachromatosis, not so much about anemia and deficiency. Your ferritin is way to low and you are by 99% of standards, iron deficient, presuming your hemoglobin is still above 12 and your MCV is 80+., otherwise you'd be anemic.

I felt weird when I took the floradix, I attributed it to the herbs. I would rather stick with just plain iron. I learned a bit about things from my fear of taking iron, esp that one must understand that the important figure to refer to when taking iron is the amount of [U]elemental iron [/U]in the preparation. So, some tabs have 325 mg iron (ferrous sulphate), containing 65 mg elemental iron. I am taking a prep that has 44 mg elemental iron. These are standard daily ranges for deficiency supplemtation. I don't know how much people with iron deficiency anemia take, I am certain a bit more.

If you check your ferritin every now and then, I don't see a problem with supplementing. You really should be doing it under a drs supervision, ideally.

Incidentally, thyroid people can have related iron and b12 deficiencies and anemias.

I would definately pursue the thyroid. :wave:

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