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My info: 22yrs/ f/ 5"4/ 98lbs

In the past i've had severe mood swings and if i don't eat every 2 hours my body goes into shutdown mode & i become this nasty cow! My lack of concentration and attention deficit has made me see a psychiatrist every month. A year ago he diagnosed me with ADHD (i've been taking stimulants - dexedrine for over a year). But looking back to since i was young, i've always been low in iron..and the past few years its been getting worse and worse, making me feel really depressed. Also 2 years ago i had my period every two weeks, i used to always bleed alot!!..

My blood results came back and my ferritin is 5. & all other ones were low too...I always feel like crap, i'm a very active person by nature but this year if i do some sort of daily routine chore I feel like i'm going to faint. So in a sense i think dexedrine has masked my normal symptoms of should be feeling of anemia. But since its a stimulant i think i've confused my body... does that make any sense? So for the past year i've been working as a dental assistant like 50 hours a week, afterwards had house duties/ taking care of my mum..and sleeping only 4 hrs everyday for over a year. I have now cut down on work & rest alot more. But my body i feel is paying the price....

My moods are alwaysss swinging around from being so happy to being so nasty..depending on my energy level. So usually after food, i'm okay. I've become like highly sensitive to anything..which usually when i was healthier i was fine with. Its driving everyone around me crazy, my family, my then i feel so guilty after and start getting depressed.

When can someone get an infusion/ intravenous iron from the hospital or whatever? I feel like i'm living on my pills to get me by, but my constant panic attacks/ heartbeats up to 145 when standing driving me crazy!! I feel like i'm suffocating sometimes!! But the doctor made it sound so have extremly low iron. But its making me mentally and physically crazy!!

please help me!!
I don't mean to pry, but is there a reason that you only weigh 98 Lbs? I am
5'4" too, and if I only weighed 98, my body would be shutting down too! I see that you say that you have to eat every 2 hours, so I am just wondering what other opinions you have received? Anemia has really drug me down as well, it really can do some damage to your lifestyle. My ferritin was measured to be less than 1, hemoglobin was at 7.6, b12 level was 226, I received the iron infusion, and am already feeling better. I also started b12 injections. Please have a complete blood workup done, along with a full thyroid panel. (If you haven't already!).
I hope you get to feeling better soon! :wave:

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