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Hi Sparkles!
Well, my situation has a definitive cause of my anemia. My EX husband had belittled me for so many years, convinced me that I was worthless because I was fat and ugly (his words). This really became a outlet for him and anything that was wrong. When I did get out, I still felt badly about myself for years. I met someone wonderful, but still had image issues. I had gastric bypass surgery. I am completly happy with it, I am much healthier for having it. BUT, since I had done so well, never any problems, I did not follow-up with blood tests. Recently I went to the DR finally, I was starting to feel like I couldn't move without my heart beating a million beats per minute, plus I was so pale, even kids in my 3rd grade class would comment. That is when after the tests, it was determined that I could not absorb and oral iron or b12
Here are my numbers:
Iron, Total 9 range-37-170
tot iron binding 480 range-250-460
iron saturation 2 range-15-40
Ferritin <1 range-15-40
folate-serum 16.2 range- (>=5.5)
Vitamin B12 226 range-211-911--But Dr said that the new guidelines should be 400 or higher to feel better.

My Hcg on the day of my first infusion was 7.6, and on my second it was 8.4, still low.

Now Pig-Tails numbers seem low, my dr. said he worried if any womans hcg gets below a 10, even if they don't feel any different, that their tissues were being deprived of needed oxygen, to operate at optimal levels. He is very respected, he does a lot of work with the elderly as well, and sees anemia quite a bit, he thinks unresolved anemia may cause all sorts of untold problems as we age.

Sorry for the long post everyone, I hope everyone feels better soon, thanks to all the support to everyone on this board, it helps immensely!

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