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thanks so much for getting back to me!! :)

I don't know if its measured the same in the world, but i'm from australia & these are my results.

*clinical notes it says: fe deff anaemia

Iron - 3* Should be around--> (11-29)
Transferrin - 3.77 (2.00 - 3.80)
Iron B. Cap. - 84* (45 - 75)
Transfer. S. - 4* (25 - 55)
Ferritin - 5* (18-200)

Haemoglobin - 97* (115 - 160)
RCC 4.59 (3.74 - 5.16)
Haematocrit - 0.320* (0.370 - 0.470)
MCV - 69.7* (80.0 - 100.0)
MCH - 21.1* (28.0 - 34.0)
MCHC - 303* (310 - 360)
RDW - 17.0* (10.0 - 15.0)

It says: Red cells show slight anisocytosis, moderate microcytosis, moderate hypochromasia, slight polychromasia, slight elliptocytosis, occasional fragmented cells.

Also since i was young, i ate like a pig and still remained really skinny. I always got teased at school for being so thin. All i wanted was to gain weight... & once i went to college... i gained 3 kgs.. and i think the change really freaked me out i developed an eating disorder which went for about a year, bulimia, laxative abuse etc... but that was 3 years ago & 2 years ago i went on roaccutane for my acne, so i ate properly, my blood was always checked.. & results weren't so bad..yet i still did have my attention deficit..having numerous thoughts at once etc.. also i'm an artist but also work as a dental assistant to support it. Once i started taking dexedrine (i've tried ritalin - had bad side effects ---major depression), i lost 5kgs even though i atee soo much.. the dr couldn't understand because it didn't suppress my appetite.. I eat junk all the time...healthy time to time...always on the move...walking etc..

Also over a week ago i started Yasmin Birth Control & it my bf was telling me my moods were similar to when i pms. In a way it's true because i cry so easily, i get angry easily etc.. I cannot contain my anger right hand is bruised because i tend to punch the wall or mirror when i'm angry. I'm thin, but i am strong.. couple of days ago my bf and i got into a heavy argument which he told me he was going to suicide (he has psychological problems & says that when he needs quick attention) so i slapped him and punched him. He was bruised for a couple of days. I have never ever been like this before.. my anger is uncontrollable.. his also got anger issues where his now going to a therapist for it. Please note that although his got alot of suppressed anger he has never abused me. He'll normally punch the wall or throw something somewhere else...

In a sense my parents have said maybe because i see him everyday (we're practically married) & its become a habit of mine too???

Anyways i feel i cause it for him sometimes, because i nag and ***** about things i get sensitive on etc... now that's going to make a man crazy haha.. but he loves me nevertheless as do i for him.

Well there's some background info, I hoope you can tell me what my results mean and anything else i should know!!

Thank you so much!!!

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