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A hemoglobin of 9 is pretty low. I believe that "normal" is about 12.5 depending on your lab.

If you absorb iron supplements properly, you can start to feel better in a few weeks. Hemoglobin, hematocrit, and RBCs "usually" respond well to iron therapy. It is your ferritin (total iron stores within the body) that takes FOREVER to get up.

Ferrous sulphate usual causes fairly substantial gastrointestinal symptoms: heartburn, nausea, constipation, black bowel movements. If you do some more reading, you will see that many of us try more gentle things because we can't tolerate the standard stuff. But you may be absolutely fine with it.

The key to getting your numbers up is finding the cause of your anemia. Anemia is a symptom, it is not the disease. Something is causing this and you need to find that something and stop it or your will be swimming upstream and never getting anywhere.
With a hemoglobin of 9, and ferritin of just 2, it is no wonder you are tired! You muscles (especially your heart), tissues, every cell in your body is deprived of oxygen. You really need to consider the infusion, taking slow FE, will not help you if you have heavy or frequent periods. You will be losing everything your have gained with the slow FE. Your ferritin is sow low you have almost NO iron stores that your body can use. Although anemia is a symptom, it landed me in the hospital when I didn't think it was that serious. Then when I felt better, I assumed everything was ok, and it was for a couple of years, just continually getting more and more tired, breathless, etc.
I now know I do not absorb iron or b12, and will need iron and b12 therapy my whole life.
The infusion was a piece of cake, a little time consuming, but I started feeling better within about 10 days. Good luck! Please don't brush this aside, be your own best advocate, don't let months go by when you could be feeling soooooo much better. :wave:

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