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Iron supplements
May 9, 2007
Does anyone recommend a particular iron supplement? I have noticed some talk of it causing stomache upset or problems and I most definitely dontneed that as I already have acid reflux which causes me problems and naseau. Would it be a pill form like multi vitamin? I currently started taking a Womens one a day that has 18 mg iron in it but not sure if I need more.
MY situation is that my hemoglobin is normal but my ferritin was at 19, near the low end of normal (normal is 10-232 I was told).
Stacey in CA
Do your Dr's suggest you take a specific mg of iron supplement? I have just continued to take the Multi Vitamin with the 18 mg with dinner and have no stomache problems from it so am not sure if need more. My ferritin was 19, the Dr never specified how much I needed. This was the GI Dr who I have only seen a couple times and now not sure if I want to call and ask about how much as cxld my colonoscopy so not sure how happy they are with me. I really didnt like the front desk attitude that well either so maybe I will get a hold ofmy regular Dr instead-she sent me to GI due to reflux and knows whats going on. ONly reason he wanted a colonoscopy was cause of the low iron but technically I am in range with the ferritin and I got my labs from Dr and found all is is normal. I have no other symptons except my reflux and gastritis problems so i rather take supplement and eat iron rich food (which have lacked lately, now I eat alot of spinach and more red meat) then reck my blood to see if still a problem.
Thanks for help

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