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Hi Elaine - I also had a transfusion (back in April) and also was able to get to just above 10, and it did hold stable until my next period and at that point I did end up dropping back down to 9.2 but even on Repliva up to twice a day I have not been able to get my feritin above 5 (granted it has only been about a month and it takes a lot longer for oral iron to build up - on the order of months). Since the ferritin is so low, any bleeding I have will knock down the HGB count. Since getting my period to stop it seems to have stabilized at 9.3 while I am waiting to have my ablation in June to stop my period altogether. If you are in the same situation, if it starts dropping again then you are losing blood somewhere, but if it holds steady it may point to an issue with the way you process iron - or at least that is how they have explained it to me.

I also am hypothyroid - and while that definitely contributes to fatigue while they are trying to find the right replacement dosage, but just remember that even 10 is anemic and can also contribute to the fatigue in the afternoons. If you haven't had a thyroid panel, it doesn't hurt to have that checked during one of the blood draws - a lot of the symptoms cross between thyroid issues and anemia and the two can really work together to do a number on you.

They are working with IV iron now to try and raise my ferritin more quickly - as I do appear to be having an issue with processing oral iron, and that should start to build my endurance further.

With any luck you will be able to hold steady and start building your stores back up!

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