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As far as I understand, low reticulocyte count may indicate decreased production of red blood cells by the bone marrow - this can occur in anemic conditions.

Now as to the bilirubin, here we are in territory, I am unfamiliar with. By [I][B]itself[/B][/I], elevated bilirubin, according to what I found on med sites on the web, can indicate a liver problem.

[COLOR="Magenta"]However[/COLOR], it can figure into anemic conditions as well, and not be related to liver problems. But further testing is required. The web was not really clear, but what I gathered is that a patient with elevated bilirubin needs to pursue it.

This is way out of my experience and general reading knowledge. But, what I can deduce from reading on these labs, and past posts on this thread, is that you really need to follow up on this.

Do you have an appointment with your Dr to discuss these new labs? What kind of Dr are you seeing?

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