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Were these values taken from a cbc? As ChrsitineVa says, look for your MCV (mean corpuscular volume) In most instances, a low MCV indicates microcytic anemia, while a high MCV indicates macrocytic anemia. This value is useful for diagnosis. It is usually on a cbc.

Also, look for your reticulocyte count, which is used to assess the body's production of immature red blood cells. A low count indicates that the bone marrow is not producing a normal number of red blood cells - and be caused by a lack of vitamin B12, folic acid, or iron in the diet.

As Christine VA said, ferritin reflects the body's iron stores, and serum 12 will give a good indication of b12 status. Iron deficiency anemia will usually manifest as microcytic; b12 as macrocytic.

There are many reasons for anemia. Bleeds are one of them. Common causes are nutritional (iron, b12, folic acid), familial (like inherited anemias), medical, like chronic infection, diabetes, hypothyroid, kidney, adrenal, vascular disease.

Definitely look for, or get MCV, reticulocyte count and serum ferritin and serum b12. From there, your dr can start to pin point a direction to further investigate your anemia and run more specific tests. You don't appear to be severely anemic, but it is definitely something you should investigate in order to have peace of mind. Remember, anemia is a [I]symptom[/I], not a disease. Find the cause, and take appropriate measures. :)

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