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I feel like an idiot for asking this question, but I've been living with the unsettling feeling for several months that something is majorly wrong. :dizzy:

I started becoming anemic in January...possibly even December. At first I thought I might have inflammatory bowel disease because I was having lots of bowel symptoms. I saw my GI doc Jan. 3 and he ordered up a colonoscopy and bloodwork. That showed colitis, but not IBD. I did the upper endoscopy...polyps in the fundus of my stomach, but the biopsies were okay. Barium small-bowel follow-through was normal. Radiologist said there might be exotic (my words) things going on that could not be imaged through the SBFT. The small bowel camera test was normal as well---no Crohn's. :rolleyes: I've done the million-dollar workup....all good. I could REALLY have lived with that except that my anemia continued to get worse. I had a blood transfusion for two units on May 27th. I'm taking 325 mg of iron three times daily. I'm trying to include more meat in my diet and leafy greens too. I drink orange juice to improve absorption of the iron.

My Hgb did improve from 7.4 up to ~10.2 after the transfusion. It's staying stable so far. They haven't remeasured the iron, but I am so tired...more tired than I was before the transfusion.

So, back to my original question...are there cases where the red blood cells are affected in cancer, but not the white blood cells as in leukemia?

I have gallbladder polyps...could they be bleeding, thus accounting for the IDA? Even though the stomach polyps are not cancerous and thought to be normal considering that I've been using Aciphex for over a year, could THAT be the source of bleeding (and not cancer then...fine by me!!!!)?

I want to go back to feeling like me. I have way more energy than I did before, but the fatigue is making me crazy.

Thanks for any insights,

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