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[QUOTE=jcjwillis;2981627]I think you are right about the blood test, if you have heavy periods it can show up that you are anemic or at least lower your blood counts.
Have you had anemia symptoms at other times besides with your periods?

Hope this helps![/QUOTE]

Yes, I had anemia show up starting last July. With some iron supplementation, I have gotten the anemia to go away, but my ferritin counts are still low.

During my blood tests last month, I was stable with the hemoglobin, but my ferritin did not rise. I tried some new things this month (a little extra iron and cutting back on my Prilosec) so I am very anxious to see if the changes made any increase in my lab values. But I don't want some bleeding from my period to mess it all up.

So, I guess I'll cancel. My co-worker just told me that it doesn't take a whole lot of bleeding to affect the blood counts.
[QUOTE=lizzy76;2987244]Did you cancel the test or decide to go ahead with it?[/QUOTE]

I cancelled the test.

I called my PCP office and explained the situation. They said that being on your period definitely would effect my CBC--in fact, people who don't have severe problems can have their CBC drop during menstruation. They did not think I should do the test either because, while it will show if I go anemic during my period, I guess that's not as important as the rest of the month.

I was kind of surprised that they felt that way--I thought they'd tell me to come in.

So, I am rescheduled for June 7th which will be about 5 days before my next cycle.

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