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[QUOTE=sparkles916;2991100]Christine: Wow. Does your dr have any explanation why your ferritin is not moving even with iron supplementation?


My doctor (still with the GP at this point), is becoming perplexed.

I do have a few thoughts of my own.

First, I have only been taking 1 packet of Spatone a day. It corrected my anemia and not my ferritin. First thought is that Spatone is not "strong" enough. So, I've upped to to two packets on most days (sometimes I just can't get the second packet it because of keeping the iron away from certain drugs and foods).

Second, I've been on PPIs for 8 years. My GI suspects they may hamper absorption. There is a small piece of literature on the internet that proves that people did not absorb supplemental iron while on PPI but once the PPI was removed, iron absorption occurred. So, during all this time, I have been on the PPI. Solution: About a month ago I started weaning off the PPI. It takes a long time. I am still on it but only taking half the amount I used to. So, I'm hoping my stomach acid has increased enough to allow for better absorption.

I'm really curious to see if this works. That's why I was so concerned about having the ferritin and CBC done during my period. If there was even the "slightest" improvement, I wanted to see it and not have it temporarily mucked up by some recent blood loss. I think once I know there is an improvement, I will try taking the tests at different times.

Now, if there is no improvement, I don't know what to do!!

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