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Ferretin of only 4 is extremely low. My doctor had heart failure when mine was down to 8 last year. I've gotten mine up to 29 and my doctor is still concerned and did offer me the option of having iron injections, but i'm staying with the iron supplements for 3 mths longer.

My levels have affected my thyroid a little, but so long as i can get my ferretin up a lot higher the thyroid will revert back to normal apparently.

My other major dilema is hair shedding, which has been happening over some years as i never was aware that ferretin levels were so important. For hair shedding you have to get ferretin over 70 and keep it there for a time before hair will revert back to normal.

So as you can see, ferretin levels are the important ones and just b/c you are within "range" but at low end of the range does not mean that you are safe and dont have to worry about boosting it up. I guess if it hit the opposite end of the range, the high range, then that wouldn't be healthy either, but low end of the range isn't good either.

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