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My ferritin results came back a 9.
I went to a special wellness center for fatigue, weakness, breathlessness, heart palpitations, lack of mental focus, blurry vision, hair loss- to name a few. Four pages of blood test results were within normal range, [I]except [/I] the ferritin, yet my doctor chose to medicate me with thyroid drugs, progesterone and other hormones, etc. (I don't know why - his treatment caused me huge problems.) I finally quit doing what he said and I focused on the ferritin and getting my iron up. I felt 75% better within a matter of days. (I use Floradix)

An article I found said: A level of ferritin above 40 is considered normal. A level of ferritin between 15 and 40 is described as iron deficient and a level below 15 is described as iron depletion. The lower the ferritin level, even within the "normal" range, the more likely it is that the patient does not have enough iron.
There was recently a thread on the thyroid board, where iron was discussed. The question concerned whether iron had any negative effect on the thyroid hormones. Aside from the absorption interference concern ) proximity of taking iron and thyroid hormone), I found that, according to studies, iron is important to the metabolism of thyroid hormones. The meaning of metabolism is a little fuzzy for me, that is what exactly it means, but I do know one metabolic aspect is related to the conversion of T4 to T3. Some of the studies were examining the effects of iron depletion on the thyroid process. Maybe you could ask your Dr about this.

Unless you have a pre existing condition which would preclude you from raising your ferritin, I think that elevating your iron status would be beneficial to your thyroid condition. The only thing that concerns me is your high serum iron. But, I am not an expert, so maybe it is not a big deal. :confused:

What I would do is would get myself checked out, and if I got the "ok", I would start supplementing. :) since a 4 ferritin is clearly out of range.
Sparkles, I am the person who started the thread on the thyroid board about my tsh going up after one month of taking iron supplement for low ferritin. My tsh had been pretty stable for 7 months prior to the iron. I am interested in the research that you found about iron and metabolism of thyroid hormones. Can you indicate where you found this info so I could check it out. Thank you.
AudreyB-Thank you for sharing your experience. You said you were on over the counter iron for a year when you went from 4-29 ferritin level. Was it slow release iron or regular? I have been on slow release iron and I like it because it gives me no side effects at all.(Except I believe causing my thyroid tsh level to go up) In 3 weeks I will have another ferritin test and will see if approx. 3 months slow fe has done anything at all. Also my thyroid will be tested and hopefully it won't be up from the last test.

Are you hypo or hyper thyroid? Did you have any thyroid issue before the iron supplement?

The powder that you are now taking sounds pretty awful to me. I would be concerned about any damage to you digestive system caused by that product. So many things to be balanced when something is not right. Just be sure to be careful. I know you said it is a dr. that recommended the powder. Is the powder obtained at a pharmacy or is it something from the dr.'s office? Is the dr. a md.?

Do you know why you have low ferritin? Mine appears to be iron deficient diet. My hemoglobin, rbc and hematocrit are all down as well. All the iron tests, fe, tibc and sat % are all at the bottom of the range.

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