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Ferretin of only 4 is extremely low. My doctor had heart failure when mine was down to 8 last year. I've gotten mine up to 29 and my doctor is still concerned and did offer me the option of having iron injections, but i'm staying with the iron supplements for 3 mths longer.

My levels have affected my thyroid a little, but so long as i can get my ferretin up a lot higher the thyroid will revert back to normal apparently.

My other major dilema is hair shedding, which has been happening over some years as i never was aware that ferretin levels were so important. For hair shedding you have to get ferretin over 70 and keep it there for a time before hair will revert back to normal.

So as you can see, ferretin levels are the important ones and just b/c you are within "range" but at low end of the range does not mean that you are safe and dont have to worry about boosting it up. I guess if it hit the opposite end of the range, the high range, then that wouldn't be healthy either, but low end of the range isn't good either.
no iron supplements whatsoever.

armour thyroid and cortef
vitamins and minerals---nothing with iron
[QUOTE=sandradee0303;3020634]no iron supplements whatsoever.

armour thyroid and cortef
vitamins and minerals---nothing with iron[/QUOTE]

Well, that is odd.

I know that many doctors no longer use the serum iron tests because they can be very unreliable. Apparently it flucuates all day long and is dependent on what you eat and when you eat it.

I found this on the web:

Samples for iron should be taken in the morning, before you have had any food to eat. You should not take any iron pills or tablets for 24 hours before the test. Iron is absorbed rapidly from food or pills and can make your iron levels falsely high.
osteoblast, i got my ferretin from 4 to 29 by firstly taking an over the counter supplement, then this year i saw a specialist who got me onto some extra strength iron supplement. It did take me a year to get from 4 - 29 though. I had a blood test in march, then another a couple of weeks back and in the last blood test i went down to 26. I have decided to stay on this extra strong powdered supplement for another three months, but it gives me IBS symptoms and i get scared to take it and then go out afterwards in case i get bad stomach cramps and need to find a toilet :o

Speaking to my parents, they simply told me to get myself off this supplement as they feel i've given it 3 months trial and it hasn't made my ferretin zoom up to where it should be and to simply request iron injections. I tried to explain that it's a slow process and that maybe there is a reason why i'm not absorbing the iron, but they simply feel i shouldn't waste more time. So after more IBS symptoms on sunday night i'm thinking maybe they are right. Maybe the injections might not make me feel as sick in the stomach as the supplement.

Over the weekend i checked old blood tests and found that the higher my ferretin was some years ago the better my thyroid levels. The worse my ferretin, the worse my thyroid situation has become. My specialists spoke quite a bit about raising my metabolic rate during my last consultation. He even said that regular exercise would help raise the metabolic rate as would the iron supplements and that this would all in turn help the thyroid.
Hi osteoblast, firstly i don't know why my ferretin got so low. I did assume it might have had something to do with my menstrual cycle as it was ALL over the place. I'd get spotting for a few days, then it would stop, start, stop start. It nearly drove me crazy not knowing if i was at the start/end of a period. This went on for a number of years and all doctors would do is tell me to go on the pill. Well the pill had some nasty side effects so i refused to take it after 3 months and i tried 3 different brands. In the end i found a naturopath who has helped me get my cycle back on track. Actually i saw the naturopath on saturday and she added something to the herbal drops i'm taking to help my thyroid.

My thyroid isn't so bad that i have to panic yet, but its not helping my situation and my dr didn't like the fact that i was very close to bordering hyperthyroid.... i think...( get the hyper and hypo mixed up). The thing is that i always have warm hands and feet instead of cold, i have been shedding hair for the last 6yrs, i was always starving and would eat lunch and be hungry again really soon, but i wouldn't put on weight, although in the last few years i have put on about 4kg's, but then i'm only 54kg so it's no big deal. I suppose these symptoms don't fit the actual thyroid symptoms as it's only early stages yet, but if i let it go who knows what could happen.

As for the powder i'm taking, it doesn't make me sick every single day, it just picks random moments. It might skip a day here or there, but it's difficult if you take the powder and eat lunch, then go out somewhere and you just dont know what can happen. Apparently the side effects i'm getting are due to my sluggish liver which is finding it difficult to operate due to my ferretin levels and the thyroid issue. The type of supplement i'm on is not available over the counter in a chemist or healthfood store. It's something which a few dr's made up and it has a number of ingredients. At the end of the day i don't know which iron supplement is better, but i do know that it has a lot to do with how much you are taking. He said that being low in ferretin you need to at least get 80mg of iron into you daily and that any less would be a waste of time.

I spoke to my dr today and he has given me the go ahead to get iron injections if i wish. He said this would likely be quicker than the powder, but that i should keep taking the powder once per day if i end up on the injections. I'll go back to see him in 3mths to evaluate my situation. We don't know the true reason why my ferretin is finding it difficult to get a boost as i'm not vegan and i LOVE meat and i eat very healthy.

The specialist i'm seeing is actually called a trichologist who deals in hair and scalp issues. He is the first dr who has taken my situation seriously and to actually want to help me. All the gp's and dermatologists i saw regarding my hair shedding or iron levels have said all was normal and i wasted precious time when i should have attempted to see someone sooner who knew what they were talking about. This trichologist is not allowed to write prescriptions here, but in the USA he is, so he has to tell me what i need and then i have to go see a normal dr to get it done. He does stock iron supplements etc which he can sell to patients as it's not an actual drug.

It's actually good to read what other people are doing and what their dr's are telling them. I've learnt so much through this board and it has helped me to find the right dr by asking him a few trick questions i learnt off here ;)

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