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Well after my specialist appointment yesterday i have been left a bit deflated as my iron hasn't risen since my last blood test in march of this year. To compound matters, my thyroid test has revealed that things aren't fantastic in that department and all due to the low ferritin. I think he said my pituitary gland is working overtime trying to support my thyroid, which would all run smoothly if my iron wasn't low. This then stresses the liver and the stomach has problems digesting food and the circle just goes around and around. Who would have thought there was so much involved. I used to think it was a simple matter of just taken an iron supplement for a short while!!

For now he has me on the same stuff, but i'm introducing organic iron tablets into my regime also. He says that when you are trying to boost your ferritin levels you should be on minimum 80mg of iron per day. I can't recall why right now (info overload) but he said that an organic iron tablet is better over the non-organic iron. I think it had something to do with side effects.

Also with those IBS syptoms when taking the iron he said to introduce it slowly and then build up the amount you take. I thought it was due to taking it on an empty stomach, but he says foods and certain drinks can interfere with iron absorbtion so best to take it before food on an empty stomach.

One other interesting fact my blood test showed up was that i'm below the range recommended for Vitamin D and that i should stop taking my vitamin B's as my B12 is very high. I was only taking the Vit B's as i thought it might boost my energy levels so i wouldn't feel as tired as i do. I feel like i'm falling apart and it upsets me mostly as i lead a fairly healthy lifestyle and rarely eat rubbishy foods.

I have to go back in 3 months time and if things have not improved then he is sending me to see a doctor who is also a university professor and apparently this is his field of work. Hopefully it wont come to that but somehow i dont think things will clear up too easily.

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