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[QUOTE=sparkles916;2995892]I wasn't sure what Spatone is, so I looked it up..sure looks promising, but it has only 5mg of iron. I know it says that it is better absorbed, so it is like 100% of the RDA, but one cannot be sure....

I suspect you need to take more, at the level of the [I]over the counter[/I] preps. Mine is 44 mg elemental iron. I think some anemic people take much more than this.

I mentioned to someone (can't remember) that I had tried FeoGen Sol, a childrens/infants preparation.Each dropperful is 15 mg elemental I take three droppers.

I think it is in a glycerine solution, I can't remember what else. However, I would think that if the preparation is for babies and children, some effort has been put in to make it easily tolerated.

I don't know about the allergy. I am sure it is possible, but I would think that the binding agents and coatings are a more likely suspect. Before I gave up, I would try the childrens liquid iron and see what happens.

I looked up your question and did see an article, but unfortunately, not a free one.

Allergy: European Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology
Severe skin reaction due to excipients of an oral iron treatment. 62(3):334-335, March 2007.Rogkakou, A. et al.

I looked up the word excipient and found that these are pharmaceutical excipients. (there are more)
Flavors and Colors

Hope this helps.

Do you have an appointment with the hemo? :wave:[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your insight. I don't have a hemo appointment yet. Still working with the GP (next ferritin test is June 7th). I agree that the Spatone is probably not enough, but promising since it did correct the anemia pretty quickly.

I cannot find FeoGen Sol in any store around here. I'll look for it on line. I have also been to several pharmacies around here (large chain ones) and no one carries the liquid ferrous sulphate you had mentioned earlier. Go figure???

I guess I'll just keep looking for another supplement. My grocery store did care a liquid iron prep for children, though not the one you mentioned. I think it was is teh "Vi Sol" family of liquid supplements (PolyViSol, TriViSol). Anyway, I should check that one out.

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