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[QUOTE=Audrey-B;3008771]Hi Littlebunnyfoo :) have often wondered how you were progressing.

Christine, some of those over the counter products are truly not strong enough for people who need to raise their levels in a hurry. I was taking a liquid form and following directions, but when i went to see a specialist he told me to double the dosage and start taking it twice a day until i finished the bottle and then i began taking another much stronger product which he gave me.

He said a lot of the over counter stuff is not strong enough and you could be following their directions till you are a grandmother and still not get anywhere in a hurry.

I'm taking a strong powdered form with some other ingredients in it, plus i take a complex amino acid tablet which contains lysine and lglutamine (sp?) half an hour before food so that my body absorbs the iron and other vitamins much faster and easier.

I have noticed the longer i am on this that i'm getting irritable bowel type symptoms and he wants me to take it 3 times per day now. I'm simply gagging at the thought. I have to go see the specialist today and get my blood work results and then see what the next step is. I'm so praying that i've gone up and up. My ferritin was 8, then 29 so now after being on this high dosage stuff for ages i'm hoping to at least be over 40. Sometimes i feel i'll never get over 70 so that my hair has a chance to grow back properly.[/QUOTE]

Hey, I can related to the IBS stuff. Whenever I try to take calcium supplements or the fish oil, I get crampy IBS symptoms. To the point, I can't take it anymore. :dizzy:

Anyway, I still haven't found a satisfactory iron to take. Right now I am doing two Spatone's a day and am having good luck with a children's multivitamin with 15 mg of iron in it. So, for now I'm only getting 25 mg of iron per day--which I'm SURE is not enough--but I don't know what else to do until I speak to my doctor. I'm pretty sure I've narrowed down the two offending ingredients (polydextrose and polyethelene glycol) so I'm looking for a supplement that does not contain either of these.

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