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I am not one of those who has had infusions, but I wanted to offer some related advice anyway.

The only way you can know if your ferritin levels have dropped is to have it tested and see what is going on. I would do this, as it might put your mind at is always worse wondering what is going on being anxious about symptoms.

Your dr cannot just "suppose" that you are not absorbing iron, the dr needs to run tests. I believe protocol is to supplement orally for a month or two and then if iron levels (usually using ferritin as the standard), have not increased, then other tests are necessary. It is entirely possible that you have a malabsorption issue ( a number of causes). On the other hand, there may be another cause. Tell your dr, anemia is a [I]symptom [/I]not a diagnosis, and you want to know the cause of your anemia. If she wants to say that your stomach is the cause, then there must be proof - like testing your gastric acid, there is a test for you take any antacid meds that mediate the acid? Also, H Pylori can inhibit iron absorption, but there is a test for H Pylori. Or if you have celiac disease, you could have absorption problems, but there are tests for this.

I would really try to get some answers from my dr. I learned my lesson from years of being afraid to "bug" my dr about concerns...For example, if I had been more proactive, my thyorid condition would have been detected earlier and I would not have wasted years suffering.

I cannot comment on your high ferritin level as a result of your four infusions. Though I think it is a bit high. Hopefully, some people with infusion experience can enlighten you. :wave:

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