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Can I just ask if anyone has symptoms from B12 or Anemia which occur all the time or are just on and off?

The reason I ask is I get a range of problems such as tingling/numbness, skin crawling or burning feeling, sore tongue, muscle aches, and of course tiredness. I have been making a diary of symptoms and most days there is something wrong but the symptoms vary and I may not get for example the sore tongue every day but maybe a number of times a month.

I have been seeing a neurologist who says there is nothing wrong with me and he feels it is all down to anxiety and hyper-sensitivity. I had a low Ferritin of 12 which was picked up about 10 months ago. It is now about 50. My B12 has been as low as 282 but is now higher most likely as I have been supplementing.

Nobody will test further to see if I have any problem with B12 absorbtion or anything else relating to this. They feel if my levels are better now there is no point. My neurologist did say that if it was down to B12 or something then I would suffer from the symptoms all the time.

I suffer from an under-active thyroid also so did wonder if this was the cause, don't seem to be getting much help from dr's so am trying to work things out for myself !

I would be interested to find out if ayone else gets constant problems or just on and off :)
I was looking at a few of your previous posts and guess what might be linked to the low B12.

For a couple years I have seen off and on bright sparkling lights in my eyes that move from the outside in. Doctors said migraines - NOPE. When I first started having great difficulty with the low B12 the spots got worse then blurred and seemed like I was looking through flames or a waterfall. Apparently the low B12 was damaging my optical nerve causing these strange visual effects.

Along with that PA is also closely linked with thyroid problems.

Good luck.

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