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Symptoms that lead one to suspect anemia are often characterized by fatigue and other complaints that can indeed be anemia, a deficiency, or can also be other disorders or a combination thereof - such as hypothroidism, chronic fatigue, some other autoimmune disorders, adrenal fatigue. The only way to narrow it by specific blood tests.

In my case I am b12 deficient, iron deficient without anemia, and hypothyroid.

Often your cbc will have values including mcv, hematocrit, hemoglobin, mchc. These are often used to screen an anemic condition. If there is no clear answer there, you can have a serum ferritin test as a screen for low body iron, which may be indicative of a iron deficiency prior to an anemic state. You can also have a serum b12 test as a screen for b12 deficiency. There are other adjunctive tests if either of these indicate a potential deficiency.

In the case of anemia, the general guideline is a low hemoglobin.

Since fatigue and other symptoms share so much in common with a number of disorders/diseases, it is best to get some general tests for each. So, above, for anemias and deficiencies - and for instance, a TSH and free T4 (plus thyroid auto antibodies if you are persuasive with your dr) for hypothyroidism, you can get an ANA as a screen for autoimmune disease.

So, when you get some test results related to anemia/deficiencies post them here. If you have those general indicators from a recent cbc, post them here, and hopefully people will be able to comment on your situation.

Thats about all I can think to say at the moment. :bouncing:

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