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Hi there ... I am in search of help/insight.
I recently found out I was anemic ... I went to my OB and she ordered a CBC due to the fact that I have been having re-occuring low grade fevers. The results came back ... and I took them to my GP. He ordered another CBC w/ further testing (iron) to see what those levels are. They are as follows:

Hemoglobin: 10.2 (Norm-11.7-15.5)
Hematocrit: 31.8 (Norm-35-45)
MCV: 77 (Norm-80-100)
MCH: 25.1 (Norm-27-33)
RDW: 21.8 (Norm-11-15)

Iron: 14 (Norm-40-175)
Total Iron Binding: 476 (Norm-250-450)
% Saturation: 3% (Norm-15-50)

My doctor immediately put me on 325mg Ferrous sulfate 3x a day. He is wanting me to be on this for 3 weeks and then re-test the blood levels. Then he is wanting to proceed w/ upper endoscopy and colonoscopy if they are not better. (I cannot imagine ... I have no problems in this area) My periods are only heavy the first 2 days ... so I have a hard time thinking it's that either. Could there be any other reasons?

I am at a loss ... I am concerned about this... is my doctor doing enough ... are these levels as low as I am thinking? This all started with re-occuring fevers.

Any advice would be fantastic!!


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