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I have AIHA - and I'm on 10mg of Pred, which is keeping my hemoglobin up. I'm tapering down from a month of 40mg, which was no picnic.

I had a splenectomy in 1995 for a different disorder, ITP, so it obviously didn't help the AIHA for me. I think the success rate of spleen removal for AIHA is much lower than what the drs quote you.

Woodmere - the pounding you're hearing in your ear could be due to low folic acid and low B12. (It was for me!!) Both are used up very quickly when you're hemolyzing, ie, when your body is destroying your red blood cells. You'll feel better if you get B12 shots and ask your dr for prescription strength folic acid. Neither are overly expensive, and they will make you feel better. (The sure sign to know if your B12 is very low is if you're having numbness or muscle twitching. B12 shots take awhile to have an effect, but if you're low, you need to get the shots.)

MissKris - Have you asked your dr about taking Ambien? My dr lets me take it when I'm on Pred, and I have to tell you, it's been a real life saver. Without it, I wouldn't be sleeping at all.

I've been through the wringer with this condition, so if you have questions, let er rip. Chances are, I've been there and gotten the medication for it.


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