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Well, this is a bit beyond my scope. But, I would still have to say that there is some malabsorption issue at work causing the iron deficiency.
[COLOR="Red"]I have been reading up on malabsorbtion problems and it really does sound like that![/COLOR]

Is it possible that you are iron deficient? and that he may not have been getting iron from your breast milk?
[COLOR="Red"]What is strange is that when I was pregnant with him I was anemic so I was on iron supplements. I stopped taking them after he was born though.[/COLOR]

Also, I am wondering what foods he has been eating in addition to the breast milk. When you started him on cow's milk what was his diet like? And, what does he drink in substitution for the cows milk?
[COLOR="Red"]He eats everything. Loves any sort of foods. Eats lots of whole grains, vegetables and fruit. He isn't big on meat but he loves beans. Now he drinks either soy milk, rice milk, almond milk or oat milk. He also eats soy cheese. I bought soygurt but he hated it and after I tasted it, I could understand why![/COLOR]

Since his hemoglobin is 9 (using common standards), and is therefore, below range, he is anemic. Has the Dr said anything about this? What treatment has been discussed?
[COLOR="Red"]The doctor suggested we try to increase his iron with foods and flinstone vitamins. If his levels still don't increase we will do iron supplements. So in 3 months he is going for another blood test to see what the course of action is.[/COLOR]

What concerns me about this situation is that your son has had GI problems from birth. As I am sure you know, breast feeding is the best thing to do, so it puzzles me as to why he was reacting the was he was. There may be something to investigate here.

Since your dr won't even give an allergy test and just supposes that cows milk is a problem, I would not be content to accept his advice. There needs to be proof for a Dr's diagnosis/conclusions. This does not sound like the sort of Dr you need.
[COLOR="Red"]This is actually the 4th doctor we've seen about it and he's the only one who agreed to do testing. Every other one just said he didn't need it, blah blah blah. It's very stressful.[/COLOR]

Your son needs testing to find the underlying issue for his GI troubles. Perhaps when that is solved, his iron deficiency anemia may improve.

I would definately pursue it. I am sure the Dr might say it is all "normal" ect, but your son has had continuous problems for 19 months. That, at the least, warrants further investigation. If your dr says no, I would consider going to a new Dr.

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