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I hear ya! :mad:

No CBC - well, two reasons. One incompetence. Two money. I paid to have a CBC done recently at a local clinic. it cost me 25$.

My HMO dr won't give me anything, so I go to a rural clinic here in FLorida and they are really reasonable. It is good since I self-pay and am not extremely wealthy!

A few weeks ago, I called my HMO dr to ask for a new thyroid panel. I do try occasionally to get some scraps :dizzy: She said nope, don't need to see you for any blood work (CBC, thyroid etc)till September (last one was July 2006).

Then, just the other week, I went to the rural clinic for a obgyn exam, and a blood stick was taken showing my hemoglobin was 12.5. That is the lowest it has ever been in my life. I have never been below 13. So, I was a bit perplexed since I have been taking iron faithfully and b12 too for the last few months.

Either the Hgb is dropping for some unknown reason, OR it was actually lower following the last CBC in July over the last 9 months. I am wishing I had just paid for periodic CBC and ferritin tests in the interim.

I now think I was foolish for relying on a CBC from July 2006 and using it to base my progress on. Oh well, another lesson learned.

To sum it up for your situation, Christine, Yep. Get a CBC - ask your dr for it, or go to one of those online companies and order yourself one to take to a lab.:wave:

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