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I like my doctor and I think he is pretty good and thorough. I have spent years finding a GP that I like--been through 3 of them. He really pays attention. He has pursued my anemia starting last year when two other doctors ignored me.

As of January of this year, I was no longer anemic as evidenced by blood tests in January and April. I am on low doses of iron supplementation. After my test in April, I did not get to talk to my doctor directly. He left me with a voice mail message of my test results. My CBC was good (although right on the edge of being anemic) but my ferritin had not increased at all (it is at a 5). His specific message was: Come back in one month and have your bloodwork redone so we can see where it is.

So, I finally make the appointment and went in today. The nurse first says to me "Actually, you were supposed to make an appointment with Dr. M, not just bloodwork--that's what his note says here." I told her that he didn't tell me that and why on earth would I actually need to "see" him prior to having labwork done??? She then tells me that she will only need one tube of blood as all they are testing this time is the ferritin. I said "You mean he's not checking the CBC?" Nope, just the ferritin.

Now, I think this is odd. For someone who has had anemia for a year and has not yet stabiliized, who has a known horrific ferritin level, etc, why would you not test for the anemia?

I'm kind of pissed.

Okay, vent over.


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