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Oh that is good about your liver and other functions.

My thyroid symptoms started in my earlier 20's and I went undiagnosed until a years ago. I am now 41.

It was all so slow and gradual and every symptom was seemingly so disconnected that the dr always had a good reason for everything. I would say I had most every symptom on the typcial hypo list of symptoms.

I think fatigue was the most debilitating symptom I had/have, but there was never any good explanation for it...just exercise more, or "take some iron" . I used to have trouble waking up and when I got back from work I would have to nap, sometimes falling asleep till the next morning. My hair was greying by 19, it started thinning and continued to fall out. I then had tinnitus. Then dry eye, then carpal tunnel, tons of muscle aches and pains. By my mid twenties I was always cold, and took to wearing a hat indoors. I also started to feel like I could never draw a "satisfying" breath. By 1995, (29), I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks. I also had trouble swallowing (attributed wrongly to anxiety by drs, was a goiter). I could no longer concentrate, felt dizzy on a regular basis and basically was exhausted all the time.

I looked back at my old records and saw that (according to what I know now about labs etc) I was hypo ages ago.

Unfortunatley, I became so debilitated that I had to seek out psychiatric help becasue the anxiety and depression had become all consuming. This is a very common story, as many on the thyroid boards have posted similar stories. I thought I was alone and crazy all those years.

Well, after starting treatment with the thyroid hormone, I feel alot better, esp the anxiety and concentration.

The fatigue is still there, now complicated (and probably long-standing, but undiagnosed) by iron deficiency, but luckily not anemia. I also have b12 deficiency.

I also have high cholesterol although I eat a pretty good diet, a bit high fasting blood sugar, and chronic allergies. According to literature on the subject, hypothyroidism can have an effect on body systems an result in the high cholesterol and high sugar. These are often present in people who have no overt symptoms. My cousin for instance was diagnosed as hypo through a blood test, but she tells me she never felt poorly. That is why many in integrative and preventative medicine recommend treatment if one's blood tests show hypothyroidism.

Hopefully, when I get to the optimum treatment level with the thyroid hormone, these problems will subside.

A Dr will typcially test for TSH and free t4, but sometimes these tests are not sufficient to diagnose a hypo condition. That is why the free T4 and T3 are important, esp if they are low or below range, and the TSH is not very high...not high enough above range.

Also, some people have a TSH in range, but high thyroid anti bodies. In this case, good drs wil treat.

The antibodies suggest an autoimmune basis for the thyroid condition.

Well, see what your dr says about the tests. And when you get them post your results on the thyroid board. There are many expert people there, some for years, helping out others. I am a relative newbie, but have been reading for months and participating in the board and have learned alot.

Same here about the anemia board too:)

Does your dr have you taking iron? If so, I am curious how much and what his prognosis is relative to the anemia.:wave:

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