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march 2001 had son via c-section iron infusion while in hospital and low iron
during pregnancy
dec 2006 had surgery to remove scar tissue and repair muscles in stomach b/c of poor healing due to c-section
feb 2007 started having severe nose bleeds and found had a septal perforation (hole on inside) of nose in septum
march 2007 went to ent specialist did biopsy ruled out cancer found high sed rate (indicate a auto immune disorder?)
april 2007 notice i was gaining weight, went to nutritionist and started appetite suppresent and diet, soooooo tired and anxious, a little b!*@%y
may 2007 went to rheumatoloist ( had gained 7 lbs in 25 days) did all kinds of test and came up with this

diagnosed w/ hypochromic mycrocytic anemia (red blood cells are too small to carry enough oxygen & iron) bone marrow seems to be producing bad cells

wbc - 6.8 (3.8-10.8)ok
rbc - 4.3 (3.8-5.1)ok
hemoglobib - 11 (12-16)low
hematocrit - 34 (37-48)low
mcv - 78 (86-98)low
mch - 25 (27-33)low
mchc - 32 (32-36)ok
rdw - 17.4 (11-15)high
platelet - 401 (150-350)high
iron - 21 (60-160)low
ferritin - 5 (20-154)low

dr did a ana screen came back neg for anti-nuclear antibodies (autoimmune), but possitive for anti-mitochondrial antibodies (bonds with oxygen in cells)
worried about hypothyroidism?!?
any input would be greatly appreciated got 2 sweet boys i gotta feel better

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