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To all...
Jun 7, 2007
I will try to keep this short.

I am not a specialist, I am a victim. My mother was diagnosed 7 years ago with sideroblastic anemia. She was 49. The doctors do not know what caused it. For seven years I watched her get transfusions up once or twice a month. I never involved myself in this aspect of my mother's life because I left it up to the professionals. She died Sunday, my daughter was born Monday.

Some notes to pass on:

- Although I have difficulty finding information on it, prolonged blood transfusions will inevitably cause major complications that will lead to your death.
- Doctors to some degree punch in and out like everyone else does for work. Take control of your life or the life of your loved one. Fight for them. Make sure that a doctors complacent attitude, and your acceptance does is not a death sentence. Be wary of this pitful.
- Involve yourself in your loved ones problems as well as their pleasures. In the end you will be happier.

I had to tell my mom in full conciousness that she was going to die. I sat with her for the next 9 days and watched her pass. I did not leave her side. At the very end I could not bear it. I wanted her to be at peace.

I still can not think right now and as I write this I worry that when I wake from will all be real.

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