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I have been giving blood regularly at the Red Cross, and the last time I went in to give whole blood, the nurse was surprised at how high my hematocrit was, and asked if I had a family history of hemochromotosis. It turns out that my aunt has consistently high iron (but has not been specifically tested for hemochromotosis), so I called my doctor and asked for him to check it out. I got the results of my blood tests back, and the doctor has assured me that everything is normal, including the iron. But, the ferritin is pretty low.

The thing that I am confused about is that the other things that are normally altered with anemia are actually on the opposite end of the range (high hematocrit, etc.).

It seems like my ferritin should be higher, and I think my doctor is off on this. But why aren't the other results indicative of anemia as well? Is my ferritin so low that I need to have my doctor treating me for this, or can I just take stuff OTC?

I'll be taking a year off from donating blood because I'm going to Costa Rica, so no need to lecture about that... ;)

RBC 4.30 (3.50-5.55)
HGB 13.9 (12.0-15.0)
HCT 41.2 (36.0-45.0) -was 46.0 before blood donation
MCV 96 (80-100)
MCHC 33.7 (31.0-37.0)
platelets 288 (150-400)

TSH 0.32 (0.35-5.50) -on 0.75 mcg levothyroxine

B12 935 (211-911) -getting 1000 mg shots every 3 weeks, up from low 300's
RBC folate 793 (280-791)

Ferritin 8 (10-291)
Transferrin 317 (200-400)
Total iron 127 (50-150)
TIBC 419 (270-440)
% saturation 30 (20-50)

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