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Iron Injections
Jun 8, 2007
From what i have read on this board a lot of people are taking iron supplements of some sort and others have had to get iron infusions. I haven't read about people who have had iron injections given to them by their doctor.

It took me a year to get my ferretin from 8 to 29. Firstly i was using an over the counter liquid iron supplement, then i moved to a more powerful supplement in powdered form and after a time my levels dropped to 26. I was going to keep taking the supplement, but have discussed getting iron injections as this would speed things up quite a bit. This would mean one injection per week for 5 weeks.

My dr gave me the information sheet and the list of side effects looks plentiful, but he assures me that most people are fine with this. He also says he has a good track record with these injections and i wont be left with a tattoo on my butt from the injections, which if administered incorrectly can stain the skin in the area the injection is given.

I was wondering about experiences others have had with these injections and side effects. Also if you have had trouble getting your ferretin levels up and then got the injections, did your levels manage to stay up or did they drop after stopping the injections? Thanks in advance for any information :)

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