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Osteoblast, nobody knows why my levels dropped so far and now why it's taking forever to get back up again. I did for a number of years have a lot of stress in my life and my periods also went through their own queer phase where i was constantly spotting every few weeks and never knew whether my period was starting or finishing.

I'm waiting on my chemist to obtain the iron ampules i need for my series of injections. This should be a faster way of getting my levels up and then it will be interesting to see whether they stay put. If not, then i will push to find out what could be the cause as at this stage the dr's all feel there isn't anything amiss. I'm curious about the upper endoscopy test you did to rule out the absorbtion issues. I will keep that in mind. Get's so frustrating that you need to make lists to instruct dr's with. It's driving me insane. Can't they think for themselves? I would hate to be visiting dr's with a much more serious problem if they can't sort this one out.

As for juicers, my mother bought one back in the 80's and we went through a juicing phase when i was in school. It hadn't been used in about 15or so years and she has now given it to me. It's a ghastly bright orange and white but is a medium size but they are a pain to wash. It still works and my favourite is beetroot, orange, apple, carrot and ginger. I make extra and stick it in the fridge so i dont have to make it every single day and wash that dreaded juicer daily. Once i pour the juice into a bottle i add some of the fibre from the fruit, which you would normally throw out, this makes the juice a bit thicker and at least i'm still getting some fibre. On occassion i've made rissoles/burgers and i've taken the fruit fibre and mixed it onto the minced meat and it's not bad either.

Ill heatlh and even menopause can change your hair. With menopause your hormones change and it affects everything from what i've heard from other women. Visting a Naturopath isn't a bad idea. I visited one who was rubbish and then i went to a health & beauty school where they have students doing the work and then the students consult their teacher to make certain they are on the correct track. This has worked to correct my messed up menstrual cycle. We're still fine tuning things, but this is the best i've been in years. At my last appointment i told them about the anemia and how my thyroid is creeping into the danger zone and they said that they could add something to the mix i'm taking at the moment to help with the thyroid issue if i wanted. I decided to leave it for now, but it's good to know that they can help in that regard. Alternative treatments have helped me numerous times when traditional dr's were not able to.

Now i'm saving the best bit of info for last and probably should add it as a thread on it's own for other people's benefit. I'm on an iron supplement, but before breakfast and dinner i take a complex amino acid tablet which my trichologist has advised me to do. One of the ingredients in this tablet is Lysine. I got curious as to what role Lysine had to play as it's normally what people take to keep cold sores at bay. I found out that it is an immune booster and that daily Lysine supplement of 500mg was found to increase the blood levels of ferretin and so helping women with iron deficiency anemia.

Even though i've suffered with a lot of hair shedding and have always had new regrowth, right now i'm experiencing a mass of regrowth and even my mother noticed. There are odd bits of hair sticking out all over the place. I'm wondering if this new mass of sudden regrowth could be as a result of Lysine being one of the ingredients.

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