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Hey Christine- we went back and forth about iron supplements recently and I wanted to let you know my recent lab results. I went from 38 ferritin( I know others here are alot lower) to 50 ferritin in approx 3 months. (Also my rbc and hemoglobin and hematocrit were bottom of range. I don't have those results yet.) Most of the past three months I took one slow fe a day. I ate alot of red meat(I don't like meat at all).Approx.a week ago I switched to one 325 mg ferrous sulfate regular release. Anyway, I think this is proof that the slow fe works.

I think I told you at the time that I liked the Slow fe because -no side effects.
But I am hypothyroid and the slow fe shot up my tsh.Probably any iron will do it, but I think the slow is worse. You might remember we discussed whether regular release would have less of an effect. I never really got any definitive info on this slow v. regular release. My smart pharmacist speculates that regular release will have less of an effect on tsh.

The dr. wants me to continue the iron until I am at at least 70 ferritin. I think this is going to take at least half a year based on what I have done so far. It's a bummer because when my tsh went up , the endo raised the levo and now I have gone hyper and have to cut back the levo. Let's just say it is a mess I have to deal with for awhile. My venture into hyperthyroid has been hell. The amped up anxiety feeling is something I want to be over! Racing heart , unable to sleep etc.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the slow fe did work.

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