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AudreyB-Your dietary habits are outrageously good.Did the dr. say why you have low ferritin levels? It looks like mine was dietary. I had an upper endoscopy to rule out absorption issues(also have osteoporosis and d deficiency).

I have been interested in getting a juicer. Years ago, I had a real clunker of a juicer. It was such a pain to clean up that it fell into disuse. Do you have a juicer machine that you like?

I hope you can get your ferritin up! It sounds like from the dietary standpoint that you are doing excellent. Have you seen a nutririonist? Not that it sounds like you need to, but I wondered if you received direction from someone in the dietary area. I am thinking of adding a naturopath to my medical team(ugh!). It seems to me that regular md's often wait till a problem gets big before addressing an issue. I would like someone that looks at well- being and prevention issues. I try to do my best, but I think I could use some help. Probably my vegetarian diet was lacking.

My hair too is an issue. It used to be lustrous. I don't know if it was menopause, hypothyroid, low ferritin or what but it's way different. If I am successful in getting the ferritin up to a higher level then I guess I'll find out whether iron has much to do with it or not.

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