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I am a 56 years old man and recently I did a blood test on February 4/2007 , the results showI have some items are out of range but not too much.

[B]RED Blood Cell Count 3.90L (reference range 4.2-5.8)[/B]

[B]Hemoglobin 12.1L (reference range 13.2-17.1)
[B]Hematocrit 34.4L (reference range 38.5-50.0)
[B]Platelet count 124L (reference range 140-400) [/B]

[B]Bun/creatinine ratio 22.5H (reference range 6-22)
[B]Bilirubin, total 1.6H (reference range 0.2-1.2)
Ferritin 175 ( Reference Range 20-380)

B12 386 ( Reference Range 200-1100)

MCV 88 ( Reference Range 80-100)

Iron 128 ( Reference Range 45-170)
I did a new blood test on May 29/07 ,The result,

RED Blood Cell Count 4.48L

[B]Reticulocyte count, absolute 22400L ( Reference range 25000-90000)
Hemoglobin 14.1L

Hematocrit 40.8L

Platelet count 183L

Bun/creatinine ratio 16.3H

[B]Bilirubin, total 1.5H[/B]

Now I have only two items are out of range, but I have no Reticulocyte count, absolute figure on 2/4/07, so I canít compare with that.
I checked my passed blood tests , my bilirubin, total has been keeping at 1.2-
1,5 for about 7-8 years, but I have no any symptom.
My primary doctor asked me to do a EGD ( upper endoscope and colonoscopy ) to make sure I have no internal bleeding. I did but the result are normal. I donít want to see him right now because (1) he asked me to eat B12 for a period of time, I like to see the result. (2) he said maybe he will let me to do bone marrow test later, I heard this kind of test is painful , so I donít want to do it now, I donít have any symptom now.I help I can get some advices here.


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