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According to common standards used to assess anemia (primary one, hemogrlobin) you were clearly anemic on February. since your iron (ferritin) is not low, it would not point to iron deficiency anemia. As I and others discussed in an earlier post, it is possilbe that the anemia is b12-related.....although it is commonly characterized by macrocytosis. The macroscytosis is reflected in the lab called MCV. However, you are not above range for the MCV.

It certainly can't hurt you to take B12 supplementation as your Dr recommended, since any excess is excrete by the body and there is really no toxicity until maybe over 10,000 mcg per day. Most people are not taking that level.

However, your results of May show that you are no longer anemic, again by the common standards.

It could be that the b12 was effective. I would need to know how much you were taking and for how long.

However, as I mentioned in a post to you on your other thread, the reticulocyte count is below range, and that points to low production of immature red blood cells by your marrow. It is used to monitor responsiveness to the treatment of anemia. The count should rise as the anemia treatment is successful. The low production can be caused by b12 deficiceny, but there are other causes as well.

Now, what we are uncertain about is if the reticulocyte count has increased since Feb. But, there apparently, was not test performed at that time.

So, all we can rely on is that the count is now below range, and definately warrants further investigation, esp. since your other blood counts are now no longer below range and no longer show anemia accord to hemoglobin etc.

You may need a hematologist to look at this. There are many ways to interpret anemia from labs. I am only familiar with the standard ways connected with common, classical forms of anemia.

Finally, the bilirubin (as I said in my other post) strenghtens my belief that you need further investigation and more would be revealed with other tests.

One good test you could ask for is a peripheral blood smear, where the cells are examined by a technician, not just be a mechanized means. It is not a big deal, just not commonly done as a first string of tests. The examiner will look at morphology (shape), count and other things. It could shed a lot of light on your situation.:)

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