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I don't know if it's just me but I always thought the range for hemoglobin was 12-16, maybe a little higher for men, although each lab has different ranges that they use. Your hgb was just a little out of range in your first test (every lab has different ranges) but in your second test it doesn't look like it's out of range at all if you're using the same lab reference as the first test... you showed the lab reference as being 13.2-17.1. and your hgb level in the second test was 14.1 so that is definitely in range. Your hematocrit also looks good at 40.8 with the lab reference in the first test saying the range is 38.5-50. Your hct in the first test was low so that does indicate slight anemia but going by your second labs it doesn't appear that you're anemic at all.

Your MCV (this number is used as a good indicator for anemia) is also at a good number within range and your ferriten is at a good number as well so things look good! I guess I'm not exactly sure why your doctor is pursuing anemia... Your red blood cell numbers and others related to tests for anemia (hemoglobin, hematocrit, etc) are all in range on the second test. They were only slightly out of range in the first test and that could indicate several things - not getting enough iron in your diet, etc. If it were more out of range that would definitely indicate more testing. I guess I could see further testing done for the others numbers as I admittedly do not know much about what it means when they are out of range.

Good luck with everything ~

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