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I am in the extreme fatigue camp as well. I was dx as hypo last year. Fatigue has been ongoing for years.

Investigation pointed me toward anemia and adrenals. I found after researching, that I am iron deficient, this is below 20. As I said in my earlier post, my researched indicated that in the clinical nutrition field, 20 is the threshhold for deficiency. Hematoligists and mainstream drs are much lower. What made me consider siding with the clinical nutriiton studies were other articles concerning fatigue in persons who have a ferritin lower than 50. See the well-known BNMJ article:
Iron supplementation for unexplained fatigue in non-anaemic women: double blind randomised placebo controlled trial

I know you are a male, but I would think the conclusions could be applicable to you as well, esp as you are experiencing fatigue and your ferritin has been dropping over the years.

I also had low (but not below range b12). Been working on that as well.

I am at the moment focusing on the ferritin, since I have also had hair loss for years, and I understand that some dermatoligical studies on hair loss and iron status suggest that a level of 70 ferritin is necessary.

If you talk to your dr, he/she will likely not suggest supplementing, esp as concern over hemchromatosis (iron overload) is all the rage, and drs seem to err on the safe side, that is, if you are not below range you do not have a problem.

I will be investigating my adrenals in the near future.

Incidentally, I did see a small jump in my energy when I added Armour to my meds - my free T3 was low even though I was on 100mcg of T4 and I could not tolerate anything higher....:) I know you are on the armour T4 combo, but how are your free values?

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