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I just wondered what the hemo said about raising your ferritin. I presume he is ok with it since you were discussing the effects of taking iron supplemnts?

I spent a sum of money to see a hemo in order to discuss my low ferritin 18 (9-? forget upper range). I informed him about my hypothyroid condition and how I am so super fatigued, especially following my meagre attempts at exercise :mad: (why can't I do my swimming like I used to without trembling in exhaustion in the pool and feeling exhausted the next day?)

He told me [COLOR="Red"]not[/COLOR] to take iron. I found this interesting in the face of the literture on fatigue and low ferritin, e..g under 50 ferritin. He said I am not below range and that is that....:dizzy:

In the end, I got the dr statement on fatigue being mistaken for depression......:dizzy:

Well, I don't think I ever read that exercise intolerance was connected to depression. Swimming was my life! I love the pool, dream about the pool. It is beyond me the pat response these dr's give.

Anywhoo, just wanted to get the skinny on your hemos take on raising ferrtin.
Sparkles - In my research and discussions with my specialist i have found out that long term anemia or low ferretin can lead to depression among other things. You simply think it's depression and attempt to conect it with things happening in your life, yet the last thing you would think of causing it would be your iron levels. I suppose feeling tired and exhausted every day is enough to depress anybody!!

Hi littlebunnyfoo, sorry to hear that that your levels haven't climbed higher. It is so frustrating and i know how you feel. I'm starting my iron injections as of monday next week. I'm tired of carrying around iron supplements in varying forms and taking it X amount of times per day and everybody at work asking questions about it etc etc and it's not convenient and it's not really working the best. Will be interesting after 5 weeks of injections to see how high my ferretin levels get.
Audrey B

I am not surprised in the least about the relationship between anemia, low ferritin and depression etc. I am just tired of drs trying to put the depresion label on me and separate it from any physical illness/condition I have and act like it is in my head.

Sure, I am certain that feeling like crap from the hypo and having low b12 and ferritin added to a feeling of depression. But the drs don't see this.

Incidentally, I was put on antidepressants before my hypo condition was diagnosed last year and I am still on a low dose. The dr suggested I needed to focus on working on my antidepressant! I feel fantastic after thyroid treatment;)
pardon me for just jumping into this forum w/o introducing myself...

I could have written your post!!

I have beendealing with fatigue for 7 months. I was a former 45-55 mile a week runner. However, I'm taking iron. My ferritin is up to 47, but I'm still tired. I had about 3 weeks in march where I felt great after inc my synthroid, then I crashed. I thikn that something else if there also, my 12 has been low in the past...but my doctor says my levels are fine based on my serum levels (`700) but, I've had two shots in the last 6 months, of course it will be high.

They suggested depression and I said the same thing. Ive gone through times where I have been very depressed, but I was running 60 miles a week.
If anything, it manages the depression.

Feeling like crap and taking away your passion is depressing.

Seeing an endo in August
Sparkles- it seems like the hematologist you saw was a real jerk!

I just wanted to add that I wish you could find a doc that would help you to get to optimal levels to see if you would feel better and you could enjoy your swimming again. I am a fish too. And recently a fish out of water because I can't find a good pool. When I read that you dream of swimming , I could so connect. I too dream of swimming. I have dreamed of swimming over the years. It's not constant but it happens a few times a year. That feeling of being in the water is soooo freeing! So I really hear you- You have to get in the swim again!!!

Me too- on the low ferritin. Mine was 38 and with supplementation now 54. I think I feel stronger. Also I am hypothyroid like you too, it seems, and the iron messed with my thyroid meds. I had to have the dose raise- then it was raised too much , I went hyper. Now meds raised to a mid-point. I was so steady and ok at 75 mcg before the iron supplement. YET, I am on this iron project and want to complete it. My goal is 70 or so. This is going to take a while because I seem to be able to move it only 8 points a month , taking one 325mg ferrous sulfate. If I take more iron , my stomach heaves.

Besides your ferritin, you said your b12 was low. Mine is at a good point. I think it must be the multi vit. that I have taken for a year.Are you supplementing?

Also, my vit d was really low and I have had to supplement to get that up and it too is moving.

Have you had your vit d checked?????I know you like to research- . There is an awesome site called the vitamin d council. Just search by running it all together like one word-vitamindcouncil and you will find it. The reason I ask is that there is a very strong connection between depression and low vitamin d. They also speculate a connection between low vit. d and auto immune diseases like hypo hashi's which I have.

How is your d level?

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