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I just wondered what the hemo said about raising your ferritin. I presume he is ok with it since you were discussing the effects of taking iron supplemnts?

I spent a sum of money to see a hemo in order to discuss my low ferritin 18 (9-? forget upper range). I informed him about my hypothyroid condition and how I am so super fatigued, especially following my meagre attempts at exercise :mad: (why can't I do my swimming like I used to without trembling in exhaustion in the pool and feeling exhausted the next day?)

He told me [COLOR="Red"]not[/COLOR] to take iron. I found this interesting in the face of the literture on fatigue and low ferritin, e..g under 50 ferritin. He said I am not below range and that is that....:dizzy:

In the end, I got the dr statement on fatigue being mistaken for depression......:dizzy:

Well, I don't think I ever read that exercise intolerance was connected to depression. Swimming was my life! I love the pool, dream about the pool. It is beyond me the pat response these dr's give.

Anywhoo, just wanted to get the skinny on your hemos take on raising ferrtin.

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