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Sparkles- it seems like the hematologist you saw was a real jerk!

I just wanted to add that I wish you could find a doc that would help you to get to optimal levels to see if you would feel better and you could enjoy your swimming again. I am a fish too. And recently a fish out of water because I can't find a good pool. When I read that you dream of swimming , I could so connect. I too dream of swimming. I have dreamed of swimming over the years. It's not constant but it happens a few times a year. That feeling of being in the water is soooo freeing! So I really hear you- You have to get in the swim again!!!

Me too- on the low ferritin. Mine was 38 and with supplementation now 54. I think I feel stronger. Also I am hypothyroid like you too, it seems, and the iron messed with my thyroid meds. I had to have the dose raise- then it was raised too much , I went hyper. Now meds raised to a mid-point. I was so steady and ok at 75 mcg before the iron supplement. YET, I am on this iron project and want to complete it. My goal is 70 or so. This is going to take a while because I seem to be able to move it only 8 points a month , taking one 325mg ferrous sulfate. If I take more iron , my stomach heaves.

Besides your ferritin, you said your b12 was low. Mine is at a good point. I think it must be the multi vit. that I have taken for a year.Are you supplementing?

Also, my vit d was really low and I have had to supplement to get that up and it too is moving.

Have you had your vit d checked?????I know you like to research- . There is an awesome site called the vitamin d council. Just search by running it all together like one word-vitamindcouncil and you will find it. The reason I ask is that there is a very strong connection between depression and low vitamin d. They also speculate a connection between low vit. d and auto immune diseases like hypo hashi's which I have.

How is your d level?

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