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A lot of people on this board are trying to raise their ferretin levels. I'm on an iron supplement which hasn't really made my ferretin levels go up all that much. I did manage to get from 8 to 29, but then dropped to 26 while still on the supplement. I'm now waiting to have iron injections.

As well as being on the iron supplement, before breakfast and dinner i take a complex amino acid tablet which my trichologist has advised me to do. One of the ingredients in this tablet is Lysine. I got curious as to what role Lysine had to play as it's normally what people take to keep cold sores at bay. I found out that it is an immune booster and that daily Lysine supplement of 500mg was found to increase the blood levels of ferretin and so helping women with iron deficiency anemia.

I have posted this as even though my iron supplement isn't getting me anywhere fast, i noticed over the weekend that i seem to have an abundance of baby hair which has sprouted out all over my head. I have suffered from a steady amount of hair shedding over the last 6yrs and only found out about a year ago that you can suffer hair loss due to anemia. I'm wondering if this amount of new baby hair is due in some way to the Lysine component of the tablet that i'm taking as i've been taking it since february this year.

The tablet i'm taking has Lysine and Glutamine in it and nothing else. I read up on Glutamine but it doesn't have particular relevance apart from being a liver detoxifyer, provides fuel for the growth of immune cells - particularly intestinal lining cells - I suppose it does have relevance as people with IBS, Crohn's disease and similar type illnesses could end up anemic due to their condition and apparently your liver can end up sluggish due to you being anemic.

Is anybody else taking any other types of supplements aside from iron supplements which could help with either lifting ferretin levels or getting rid of the side effects like hair shedding?

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